I have never had the flu vaccine ever in life, I now have to have it for nursing school, will I get sick since this will be mu fist dose of the shot?

Hard to know. In my personal experience with giving flu shots to many people, some who have had them always and some who get the first one. You might experience a slight fever and achiness with the first shot, but if you get them every year the you don't notice anything. Consider this if you do get a little bit sick, it will not be anything like what you would feel if you get the actual flu.
Generally NO. ...But reactions may occur. You can not get the "flu" from the shot. The disease is usually much worse than any reaction. Do not hesitate!

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I'm required to have the flu vaccine to enter the nursing program at my university. I've never had it before & I am scared. Is it really safe?

Flu vacc. is safe. The flu vaccines do work, both the shot and the nasal spray. Sometimes the protection is partial, so that a person may still get the flu but a milder case of it. The flu vaccine protects only against the influenza viruses, but not against cold viruses that can cause colds and flu-like symptoms. Read more...
Usually safe but... Most doctors feel the benefits outweigh the risks but I'm not so sure. For a discussion of side effects see http://tinyurl.com/qf8meos (it's interesting to read the comments). Serious side effects are rare but mild transient side effects are common. But it doesn't really work that well.See http://tinyurl.com/lncpvly & http://tinyurl.com/odsandq Be sure to get single dose shots without thimerosal! Read more...