What type of shoes I should wear for my arthritic foot, elevated or flat shoes?

Good supportive shoe. The most important type of shoe to wear for an arthritic foot, is one that provides good support. The best type of shoe is a running shoe with a wide toe box and firm heel counter. The shoe has a built in heel eklevation, which reduces stress on the achilles tendon. Most important is that you should be comfortable walking in the shoe.
See below. The extent and location would be needed to answer this question.
Flat shoes . Flat shoes put less stress on the ball of your feet. It is more important that the sole of the shoe be not to flexible because it will decrease the strain on your arch as you push off on your toes. Lace up shoes with extra depth in the toebox with help accomoate swlinng and deformity that often occurs with arthritis of the foot and can allow the fitting of an orthotic.
Slight elevation. I find that most of my female patients will tolerate a one inch heel that is wide better than a completely flat shoe.