Severe pain upper abdomen center just beneath rib cage and to the right. Pain starts mild and increases to sever then stops?

Gall bladder? Could be gall bladder or possibly an ulcer. See a doc for some labs and an ultrasound.
Biliary Colic. The pain that you are describing sounds consistent with gallbladder disease. This pain is often described as a non-cramping, non-burning, steady pain in the upper right and midline abdomen. The pain typically occurs after eating (fatty) foods, may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and/or bloating, and typically resolves within 1-2 hrs. A simple ultrasound can make the diagnosis.
Gall stones. Try superphosphozyme 20 drops with magnesium liquid 5ml (200mg) with lemon juice every 4 hours if it is stone this will disintegrate this and if no pain relief in 48 hours see a doctor.