What are the treatments for eczema?

Protect. Avoid things that make you break out, soaps & wetness. Wash your hands only when necessary. Wear gloves when needed. Wear clothes made of cotton. Bathe only with a small amount of mild unscented soap, such as dove. Keep the water temperature cool or warm, not hot. Use the medicine your doctor gave you. Use a plain moisturizer daily. Avoid scratching or rubbing the itchy area. Manage stress.
Moisterizers & meds. Good bath and moisturizing routines, topical medications for inflammation, and anti-itching medication.
Moisturize. Avoid fragrance containing soaps and detergents and any smoke exposure. Apply a good emollient like plain vasoline, aquaphor, eucerin, cerave, or aveeno (oatmeal) (usually two to three times per day). If this is not helpful enough, discuss with your pediatrician whether to try a topical steroid and oral antihistamine. Eczema control is the goal; cure is less realistic. Happily, most kids outgrow eczema.
Moisturizers. Eczema is a chronic conditions that waxes and wanes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping the skin well hydrated and applying a thick moisturizer (usually an ointment based one) a few times a day is sufficient for most people. There are many medicines (often topical corticosteroids) that can treat eczema flare-ups but they should be used under the direction of a physician.