Does a high white blood cell count lead to heart problems?

No. Aka WBC is a general nonspecific blood test that informs function of your immune cells. A high white count tells that there's some sort of inflammatory condition in your body ranging from infections to malignancies. So the answer is no.
Not directly. But a high white blood cell count if indicative of something else that's wrong. I assume it's being investigated since you know about it. Endocarditis (infection of the heart valves) can cause a high white blood count and your doctor is probably ruling that out as one of many possible causes.

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I am 51, have a high white blood cell count, with far to much iron in my blood I also have a heart rate of 120. I now have a pain under my left rib?

Concerning. You mention some concerning things, not all of them could be related. First, your heart rate of 120 is not a normal resting heart rate. If you're taking your pulse at home and it's this high, and you're having new pain under your left rib, this is enough for me to say you need to get yourself to the ed now to be evaluated. Based on your description alone you need further workup.

I've had severe Edema for 3 yrs. Now my white blood cell count is down, kidney and heart are fine. Why can no one tell where edema's coming from. Help?

? Excessive Salt. Sometimes excessive salt intake, glucocoritcoids medications, venous insufficiency in the legs, low blood proteins can cause that. Suggest PCP work this up.

I have slightly high heart rate and higher than normal red. Could second hand smoking contribute to high red blood cell count?

Chronic lung disease. Second hand smoking can cause chronic lung diseases. Chronic lung diseases can stimulate the bone marrow to make more red blood cells to compensate for a chronic hypoxia status. So yes, you can have high red blood cell count in this case.

Can high white blood cell count be a sign of a thyroid problem?

See below. It would be unusual for this to occur rarely hashimoto's thyroiditis is associated with a high WBC but this is uncommon.

What if all symptoms lead to appendicitis but the white blood cell count isn't elevated, but all other symptoms are there?

Still can be appy. It can still b appendicitis. Many other diseases can cause symptoms similar to appendicitis, however. If high degree of suspicion, surgeon needs to be consulted.
WBC isn't always. Elevated. One cannot take one lab test out of the context of an entire illness.
. Appendicitis by definition is an active infection/ inflammation which showed be associated with elevated wbc. In the situation of normal WBC this might be a gynecology related problem, gastroenteritis, constipation or in rare situations an early appendicitis. Since you have all the symptoms of appendicitis, I urge you to be evaluated by your pcp or at the ed. A ct scan might be required. Good luck.