When can I start putting sunscreen on my baby?

Depends. On baby's exposure to sun light.. A certain amt of sunlight needed for vit. D conversion. But if taking baby to beach use sunblock probable a physical block zn oxide and titanium dioxide .. Stay away from chemical blocks in young baby ( why put chemicals on their skin).
6months. Aap recommends sunscreen for babies over 6 months. This is mainly because babies under 6 months really shouldn't be in the direct sunlight- but if they are, sunscreen should definitely be used! use a broad spectrum sunscreen which protects against uva and uvb light. Along with sunscreen always use sunglasses and a hat as protection as well.
Very soon! Desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) is the same ingredient used in sunblock.....You must cover the baby up earlyu on but certainly by 6 mos.
As soon . As soon as you plan on being in the sun, your baby should be covered in sunscreen. Speak to your pediatrician regarding recommendations. Good luck.
Sunblock right away. I would avoid the use of chemical sunscreens and recommend sunblocks such as zinc oxide based products.
At any age, but... Newborns and young babies are at special risk from sun exposure and you shouldn't rely on sunscreen to protect them. If they have to be outdoors, use sunscreen, but also be very cautious about providing lots of shade. Keep outdoor time in bright sun on on hot days limited.