How to get a bigger, buttock, larger breast and curvier hips? With a vitamins or herbal supplements?

Neither. Your general shape, which includes all that you've mentioned, is largely determined by genetics. If you are genetically small breasted, supplements won't make them bigger. But you can very much improve the shape of your buttocks and the lift of your breasts with good, regular exercise that involves both cardio and resistance training. You can look fantastic without being large breasted.
Surgery. Herbal supplements only help those who are selling them. Surgery is the best option for the breasts, although weight training can enhance breasts, butt, and thighs.
Many factors. Although a healthy diet, and some basic nutritional supplements, along with a good exercise regimen, will help you live longer, be healthier and give you a wonderful shape, you most likely will lose both buttock size and breast size with that regimen. Both buttocks and breasts are mainly made up of fat. If want bigger, then plastic surgical options should be considered, such as fat transfer.