What kills bacteria?

Disinfectants, antiseptics. All disinfectants (used on inanimate object) and most antiseptics (used on humans) when used iin their appropriate way, will kill bacteria. Many, but not all antibiotics kill bacteria (bacteriocidal - penicillin is an example); some classes weaken bacteria, and require our immune system to finish them off. An example of this "bacteriostatic" effect is tetracycline.
Antibiotics, soap. Antibiotics kill bacteria inside the body, but different ones kill different types of bacteria. Soap or alcohol hand gel kills most of them on the skin, alcohol and high temperatures (oven or flame) kill bacteria on surfaces.

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What kills common mouth bacteria?

Mouth Bacteria. What are you trying to accomplish? Discuss your concerns with your own dentist who can examine you and help advise you. We can control bacteria in our mouths but not totally destroy them without damage to the soft tissues inside our mouths. Besides, killing all bacteria and changing nature's balance of microorganisms causes other problems. Read more...

What to do with body odor problems? What kills the odor causing bacteria?

You can't stop BO. You can't kill all bacteria. Most of them are important for our health so don't blame them for your bad odor. Occasionally bacteria grow out of control and cause odor, then antibiotics are used but most of the time it is poor hygiene. If attention to hygiene does not solve the problem, then look for a medical or dental cause to treat. Read more...