I have severe pateler chondramalas and torn meniscus repeatedly & 4 surgeries had a skiing accident and now I cannot raise my leg without severe pain?

Knee pain. How soon after the accident? Your history would suggest bad chondromalacia and loss of the meniscus can lead to early arthritis. If your pain is significant then i would recommend evaluation with x-rays as an acute fracture from the fall cannot be ruled out.
Pain in knee. With severe chondromalacia patella (cmp) performing a straight leg raise can be very painful. With floating loose cartilage the synovium can be very reactive and painful.
Bad situation. You need a good evaluation to determine your pain source. Treatment is based on whats injured or worn out or inflamed. If your knee cap is badly worn down and you've managed to have your meniscus multiply torn, you probably have bad surface cartilage now and may be looking at a partial knee replacement or full knee replacement. But sometimes people can get by for years with injections and pt.