Occasional chest pain. I can only breath using short breaths. I have tightness in my chest when this happens?

See a doctor ASAP. Go to an er if it happens again and go see your doctor before the next episode.
See your doctor! Needs evaluation by your doctor, asap! Chest pain and chest tightness could be from heart or lung causes and needs evaluation by a doctor.

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I have major chest pain, heavy pressure, tightness, sort of breath and goes down from my neck, upper back and shoulders is that normal?

Chest pressure. These symptoms could be a manifestation of heart or lung disease. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible and if the symptoms worsen go right to the emergency room.
NO. I have no idea how old you are? What other medical conditions you have? The symptoms you are describing are not normal and need to be seen by your PMD right away or go to ER right now. It can be very serious or simple anxiet but you need to be seen right away to establish a diagnosis.

Hi sir, I am having shortness of breath and tightness of chest area with mild chest pain. Most of the time it happens at night when I was alone.

Chest Pain. Chest pain from a narrowed heart artery, called angina, typically occurs when you are active or exercising and goes away when you rest. It is often a tightness or pressure or burning in the chest or neck or arm. If you are only feeling symptoms when at rest at night and not during exertion, it probably not your heart, but I suggest you see your doctor.

Chest pain more noticeable at rest, easily winded when walking, low oxygen after walking, chest tightness when coughing or taking deep breaths?

Go to ER now. Yoiur symptoms are very concerning for a serious issue with your heart, lungs, vascular system or otherwise. Please head to an ebergency room for immediate attention. Good luck.