For almost two years, I've had severe pelvic pain with tenderness and bloating in my lower left side, my dr ignores it, what could be going on?

Don't ignore it. Don't know your gender, age. Cou;ld be spasm, irritable bowel but could be other stuff, like gyn issues, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, hernia, adhesions from prior surgery or inflammatory diseases. Gyn exam, labs, imaging studies, e.g. Abdominal/pelvic sono, maybe ct, colonoscopy may be of use. Get it checked.
Lots if things. First, if you are not happy with your doctor, get a new one! the patient should take control if his or her health, not simply follow the doctor. If you are happy with your doctor, address this with him or her. This could be ovarian, endometriosis, gi, kidneys, bladder, uterine, muscular, spinal. Your doctor should start a work up. Good luck.