Can you have tonsillitis with no tonsils. Throat not sore, back of throat roof of mouth and tonsils have yellow look to them. Red streaks on tonsils.

Yes and no. Not all of your tonsils are removed when a tonsilectomy is done. The ones that remain can get inflamed. There is also a fair amount of lymphoid tissue within the oropharynx and throat that can become swollen and irritated when they are exposed to an allergen or pathogen. If your throat is not sore try gargling with warm salt water 3 times a day to see if you can reduce the redness.
See an ENT. Even though your tonsils have been removed there are still lymph nodes in the area which can be triggered. This is what you may be experiencing. The yellow color can be normal. Best to to check with a dentist or ENT to be sure.