I have a raised red rash which started off on my thighs and has spread up my back and stomach and down legs and arms itchy, some yellow scabbing?

Impetigo? Get seen! It sounds like you could have a rash that became infected. You may need oral and topical antibiotics as well as a surgical scrub like hibiclens or some hydrogen peroxide to clean the area. Dry itchy skin becomes cracked, rashy and infected skin. I think you should head to a physician for evaluation especially because of the yellow crusting. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) may help with itch.

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Non itchy red welts/bumps started on stomach then spread to back and upper thigh area? Bumps are slightly raised

Rash. it's difficult to tell you what kind of rash you have without seeing it but it may be related to hives or urticaria from something you are allergic to or something that you ate. You might want to try orc benadryl (diphenhydramine) orally or topically to see if it help. Good luck. Read more...

My brother has developed red oval flaky -itchy patches on his arm, leg, back, abdomen, scalp, ear and eye lash, genitals. Can this be psoriasis?

Yes. By your description it does sound like Guttate Psoriasis. The flakes tend to be more greasy rather than dry. Itching however is not a prominent feature. Another possibility is Seborrheic Dermatitis He should see his doctor for a more definitive diagnosis. Read more...