I've got extremely dry skin on my toes my cuticals, thick toenails for 3 yrs now & its painful but w/ no ins. I can't go to dr anything OTC to help?

Suggestion. Your description may be a symptom of an underlying condition so i recommend that if this doesn't work, go see a dermatologists who can often perform routine tests in the office. I recommend looking for the highest strength salicylic acid and urea cream you can get otc and apply one in the am and one in the pm. These will hydrate and exfoliate and smooth out thick nails. Let me know what you find.
Moisturize and soak. Dry skin in the toes can result in cracks which can lead to infections. Protect that skin by using otc moisturizers or even baby oil. With the toenails also thickened, you may want to consider soaking your feet in a 1:4 ratio of white vinegar to water for about 10 min for 2-3x weekly. Vinegar is naturally an anti-fungal and anti-microbial and may help soften those thick toenails to trim them.