Bloodshot eye with blister?

Blister. Sounds like subconjunctival hemorrhage with area of clearing or fluid filled epithelial inclusion cyst.
Blister on redeye. If you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage which brightly colors over the white of the eye, the blood cannot seep under the pinguecular area at 3 and 9 o'clock next to the cornea. This becomes highlighted and looks in the mirror like a blister, but it in fact is not. Do not worry about it.
Trauma. A bloodshot eye can occur from trauma or by chance. If the blister is blood-filled and/or next to the most red part of the eye, there was likely a microscopic blood vessel that was temporarily torn, either from rubbing or hitting the eye, or even a short period of elevated pressure in the blood vessel. If this was the case, it will heal over 1-2 weeks. An eye doctor can treat the blister if needed.

Related Questions

How can I fix my bloodshot eye?

No simple answer. Try basic moist compresses, warm and then cold, plain lubricating drops (not the "take the red out" ones!) if there is pain, light sensitivity and /or decrease vision, seek medical atteniton.

What causes a bloodshot eye if no trauma?

Dry eyes. Dryness is the usual cause of red eyes. Try over the counter lubricating eye drops like systane or refresh.
Many causes. There are many potential causes of red eyes unrelated to to trauma. These include ocular surfaces conditions such as dry eyes, blepharitis and allergies, although there are other potential causes as well. A thorough eye examination can shed some light on the issue.

I have a really red, bloodshot eye. What could it be?

Hard to say. Without more details and an exam. Could be many things. If it is persistent, then I would recommend having it looked at. Good luck.

I have a bloodshot eye and a headache and eyes are running what does that sound like?

Acute glaucoma-c doc. It sounds like you need to see an eye doc asap. It is possible that you have acute glaucoma (increase pressure inside eye), or a significant infection which needs to be evaluated and treated urgently. Don't wait, please call doc now. Good luck.
Headache and eyes. Could be cluster headaches, eye infection, etc... Please get evaluated.

I just used bloodshot eye drops to take away the redness however, now theres a stinging pain and it slighltly took the redness away.

Dry eye. This suggests you have a dry eye syndrome and using the appropriate drops...starting with arificial tears and advancing, should be effective. Use drops as often as needed You will get no benefit by keeping them in the container.

I forgot to add this but in addition to my bloodshot eye and irritated felling it also feels like there is pressure in it and liquid when rubbing?

Well. The symptoms can be injury infection or irritation of the eye. Generally if severe seek emergency evaluation otherwise see an optometrist or ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment.

What could be causing one bloodshot eye?

Some thoughts. Couple common problems can do this: corneal abrasion (scratched eye)-perhaps something got into that eye. Subconjunctival hemorrhage-when a tiny blood vessel beneath the surface of the eye breaks (not always assoc with a known injury). It's usually painless and resolves w/in 2 wks w/o specific tx. If you have other bleeding/bruising problems, high bp, vision loss/changes, significant pain see doc.

What's the best way to treat a bloodshot eye?

Tx cause. Depends on the cause. If from "pink eye"-time & maybe antibiotic eye drops. If from allergies-tx w/ allergy med. If from subconjunctival hemorrhage (tiny broken blood vessel in 1 eye only)-heals on it's own w/in 2 wks. If from corneal abrasion or ulcer-need to see eye doc for tx. If from lack of sleep-sleep more. If not improving w/ initial tx-pls see your doc. Good luck!

What is the recovery time for a bloodshot eye?

Depends on the cause. See your eye doctor to find out why the eye is bloodshot. Than you can find out how long it will be that way.