Life expectancy after pulmonary fibrosis is diagnosed?

Varible. Survival for hamman -rich fibrosis is < 6 mo. Age at onset of disease is a factor. Older pts progress more slowly. A lung biopsy is crucial in younger pts as it can prove prognostic info. Also if nsip is found this portends a good survival.
Depends on the kind. Prognosis depends on the kind of pulmonary fibrosis. In case of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (ipf), the average survival after diagnosis is 3-5 yrs.

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What is life expectancy for a patient with pulmonary fibrosis?

Data. Data shows that the average life span of a patient diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis is a 50% survival at 2 years; this is equivalent to most cancers. The disease is not curable at this time.
Variable. Some people can live many years with pulmoanry fibrosis in a state of relative quiet. On the other extreme are people who have a rapid downhill course and die in weeks to months. Most people live for several years after diagnosis, but acute worsening can occur at any time.

Recently diagnose with pulmonary fibrosis by hrct laying at the back. Why is it they order hrct prone position after 6 months?

Test. High resolution CT is a helpful in diagnosing lung problems. I have ordered CT of chest for 20 years. I am unaware of any position than prone for CT.

Can pulmonary fibrosis reduce peak flow?

Usually not. Because the elasticity of the lung is increased, peak flow typically increases rather than decreases.

Can pulmonary fibrosis affect young children?

Don't know. I would refer you to our healthtaps pediatricians. There are several of them. They are more in a position to answer your questions. My line of practice is in surgery and self-healing meditation to treat cancers and chronic illnesses as a secondary support management of complementary medicine. I am sorry, I could not answer your questions.
Rare. This would be rare. It could happen following a severe lung infection that caused lung injury and it could be a consequence of prolonged exposure to high oxygen concentrations as might happen to a premature infant. Fortunately infants and small children are still creating new lung that eventually makes up for the areas fibrosed.
Unusual. Rarely in presence of connective tissue disorders, after certain medications, after chest radiation.

What about survival in end stage of pulmonary fibrosis?

By definition. End stage describes irreversible life threatening state...So poor prognosis...Sorry.
Variable. Unfortunately, as a medical term, pulmonary fibrosis means different things to different doctors. Your doctor is in the best position to explain the situation and the likelihood of survival.