Does a photofacial help reduce or prevent acne from coming back? I have acne that tingles before surfacing and hurts. Feel very deep in my cheeks.

Acne/ Photofacial. Photofacial or ipl treatments are helpful in reducing acne breakouts by killing p. Acnes, the bacteria implicated in the acne cycle. It also helps control inflammation. Isolaz uses vacuum & broadband light (bbl) to loosen and extract oils, dirt and blackheads from pores. Bbl, reduces redness and destroys acne-causing bacteria. Acne control is an ongoing process. Optimal skin care is critical.
May help a little. Photofacial can help but won't prevent acne from coming back. There are specific ipl machines for acne that work very well, however, none will prevent it from coming back.
Helps. Photofacials that use filtered light alone or in conjunction with a topical chemical can help to reduce bacteria and oil production that heightens acne outbreaks. Treatments can range from twice weekly to every 6 weeks. You should understand that several distinct factors promote acne. A successful plan will consider hormonal and nutritional factors as well. Be well and live well.