I have a lot wax in my ears?

Debrox or peroxide. You can use debrox or hydrogen peroxide in the ear to loosen and clear the wax. Ultimately, you may need to see your primary care or an ENT to have the wax removed.

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I have a lot of wax present in my left ear, and it always comes back regardless of whether or not I clean it out...I don't use headphones very often.

Wax. You just have an active production of wax. Some people have this. Nothing to do about it but you can have repeated plugging of the ears and need to get them flushed out if you notice troubles hearing. This is nothing dangerous though!
Wax. Wax is secreted by glands in ear. Some people have more wax due to more glands. This is not a dangerous thing. If your ear is sore or hearing is getting affected then see your doctor for ear syringing.