What can I do to manage my 2-month-old's colic?

5 S's. The best way to manage colic is to attempt to soothe your baby; to do so i recommend the 5 s's, by dr. Karp, a pediatrician. 1) swaddle your baby, 2) allow baby to suck (breast or pacifier), 3) side or stomach position for the baby, 4) shhhhing sound, 5) sway with your baby- they enjoy the movement. However nothing is proven to take away colic except for time.
Patience. At two months, you're already "over the hump"-- things will get better. Meanwhile, try to take a break, see if someone else can help some evenings. A good tight swaddle and a white noise machine can be miraculous. There's also some evidence that probiotic supplements might help-- talk to your pediatrician for specific recommendations.