Me and my 2yr old son have upper respiratory infections since Sept, once off 10 day antibiotic it comes right back. Need local doctor accepting cares?

Determine type. The question implies clinical improvement while on antibiotics. Therefore, the underlying reason for the recurrent infection hasn't been addressed. Factors like the source of infection and the strength of your immunity, a different antibiotic, a longer course of therapy, or additional treatments may be needed. A consultation with an id specialist may help find a solution for you.
Immune system. Antibiotics affect the gut by killing off good and bad bacteria and leaving the immune system a little weakened. Taking probiotics (beneficial bacteria) can repopulate the intestines and boost the immune system. Cod liver oilcan be very beneficial as well. It is 1 tsp a day for 2-5 years old.Chinese herbaceuticals can also be very helpful to both of you. Learn more at www.Franzcenter.Com.
Viral Infection. If antibiotics are not working, there is a good possibility you (or your son) have a viral infection. If this is the case, only time will lead to getting better. Another possibility to consider, given your upper respiratory symptoms, is if you are both allergic to something in your home environment, or to the antibiotics themselves. Perhaps your insurance has a list of local physicians?