Which solids are safe to feed my baby?

Few to avoid. If you are at that point, i like to avoid egg white and chocolate until after a yr& most raw nut products until they can talk ( can inhale these into the lungs). Avoid pithy foods like raw celery, carrot or apple until after they have grinding teeth. Use your normal diet as a guide.Baby doesn't need to risk a food reaction on something you would rarely put on your table to begin with.
All of them. Generally infants can start with solids (cereal) anytime after 4 months of age. Then moving onto vegetables and fruit as they get better at their feeding skill. Meats and other foods at around 6 months and up (closer to 9 months) and then puffs/finger foods at 9 mo and up. I generally wait for around 12 mo for other solids and 3 yrs for nut product/shellfish depending on family allergy history.

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Which solid foods are safe to feed my baby?

It depends. There are mixed responses by experts on this universal question. There is no single "best way". Ongoing research continues to modify the answer. Infant food allergies, family food intolerances, evolving digestive maturity, cultural "tradition", economic factors, and market accessibility all heavily factor into the equation. Therefore, this would best be discussed with your local pediatrician. Read more...
Pureed. Any pureed vegetable, fruits with no skin or seeds, and pureed protein sourse (soy, etc). Read more...