Does fibroids cause blood to come out after urination? And how can it be treated?

Depends? Fibroids are benign tumors of the utering wall. If you mean, blood coming out from the urethra ("pee hole"), the answer would be a qualified, no. If you mean, that when you go urinate and perhaps strain a bit to urinate and then blood flows from the vagina, then, yes, fibroids could be a cause. I would take vaginal bleeding or urethral bleeding seriously and get examined and get an answer.
Not bloody urine. While uterine fibroids may cause vaginal bleeding, they do not cause blood in the urine. Your gynecoologist will best advise you on how to manage the fibroids. If you have blood in the urine or blood from the urethra, you should see a urologist as soon as possible to have the appropriate lab and x-ray testing as well as a cystoscopy.
No and see your Gyn. Fibroids are not associated with hematuria (blood in teh urine). You need to see a urologist to determine the cause and if any treatment is necessary. You should see your gynecologist if you have fibroids in the utreus.