Every morning I wake up with a burning and sticky eye. It is usually hot all day. Just small drop of water helps me open it in the morning. What to do?

See an eye doctor. Burning eyes are often a sign of dry eyes. The dried mucous and oils collect around the lashes and can cause them to stick together. The fact that this is occuring in only one eye and that it feels hot all may signify an eye infection. Rather than treating this on your own, see an eye doctor who can start you on the appropriate treatment regimen before it becomes worse.
Depends. Don't know your age or health but you may have a tear duct problem. If the eye does not drain the tears, they can cause "glueing" of the eye and mattering. Warm compresses, massage of the inner aspect of the eye near the junction with the nose and some artificial tears may help. If this is an ongoing problem, i would recommend you see your pcp or ophthalmologist for exam and treatment.