I get a pain in my arms at night time it goes away sometimes and I've been tested for arthritis and came back clear. The pain is excruciating.?

Both Sides. People can notice this from the shoulders but other things can make this occur. When you get evaluated by your physician other things to look for - pressure on nerves from the shoulder: thoracic outlet syndrome, brachial plexis syndrome, pressure in the neck or pinched nerves in the neck from the position on the pillow would all be looked for in you evaluation.
Carpal Tunnel? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This often presents with pain going up the arms and at night. The medial nerve is starving due to compression and the nerve reacts with pain. Splinting may help. You may need to have some testing and even surgery. See your pcp, neurologist, hand surgeon or other qualified md/od to evaluate, test and treat you.