When is the most appropriate time to have your enlarged tonsils to be removed.?

Only if they bother. If your tonsils are large but you do not have any symptoms then they do not need to be removed. If you have significant recurrent sore throats or foul-smelling debris within your tonsils (tonsil stones or tonsil cheese) or if they're so big you have trouble breathing or sleeping, then the time to remove them is now.
Depends. Enlarge tonsils can be subjective. If they cause obstruciton, snoring, gagging, difficulty swallowing or if you are having recurrent tonsillitis/strep throat you may be a candidate for removal. Tonsils often look large in small infants and children and don't pose a problem. As they grow, the size is less important. If concerned, see your pcp or ent. This may or may not be a problem.