What is aso titre in blood test?

ASO test. This test is used to detect prior infection by group a streptococcus, the bacteria responsible for diseases such as strept throat, glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, and scarlet fever. The aso antibody may be found in the blood weeks or months after the primary infection has gone.
Test for strep. Anti-streptolysin o (aso) is a blood test for determining a stage of acute infection due to the streptococcal a bacteria. It is helpful to see if there is acute or past infection as cause of illness. It is not a standard test for a strep throat.

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My son 5 years old suffering from fever for 4 days and joint pain (knee joint) in last date. Blood test is aso titre 1:4 dilution positive?

Not Really. This test is generally not high enough to be considered positive.
Follow Up. Manienggr, the symptoms and lab results are suggestive of a possible strep infection that can cause joint pain. You may want to follow up and speak to your child's physician to rule out rheumatic fever. In the mean time, make sure your child is getting rest and plenty of fluids.

Dear drs, I made blood test and the results were 20 ESR and 530 for ASO, which doctor should I see? Thank you in advance

You should see. The doctor who originally ordered these tests. He or she has much more information about you than we do. They are best suited to direct you.

My son is 4years old and suffering from join pain knee joint and blood test aso is positive is it common or any risk the condition is like this from 4?

Have it evaluated. Knee pain in a young child should always be evaluated be cause of the risk of juvenile inflammatory arthritis. Start with the child's pediatrician and consider seeing a pediatric rheumatologist if one is available in your area.
R/o rheumatic fever. Aso suggests recent streptococcus exposure and with joint pain, must be considered. Rheumatologist evaluation would be helpful.

Is smear (nose and throat) or aso blood test more accurate for finding streptococcus?

Throat culture. To diagnose acute infection with streptococcus you need throat culture, if the rapid step test is negative. Positive test result on either should be treated as infection. Aso occurs later in response to an infection. It is important to treat acute strep infections to prevent complications such as rheumatic fever.