What are some tips for infant car safety?

1. Get car seat. 2. Read manual for car seat. 3. Install seat according to manual. 4. Install baby in seat according to manual. 5. Drive carefully. 6. Do not forget to uninstall baby from car seat before exiting the vehicle when you get to your destination. 7. Look both ways and watch your step when carrying baby away from vehicle.
INVALUABLE! . Our family went to free car seat inspection events sponsored by local car dealerships. We especially needed this when we had a booster seat & two car seats in the middle seat of our minivans (at one time). We learned that we weren't using the car seats correctly & that we had to replace my husband's vehicle because it could not accommodate all 3 car seats at the same time. See: >>.
Avoid Britex convert. Consider avoiding britex convertable car seats, as toddlers have been found able to pull apart the buckles easily without unclasping them! Imagine it while driving. Test all of the parts of the car seats before you purchase!
CARSEATS. A carseat that is properly installed in the middle of the back seat and properly adjusted securing the infant or child is the single most important measure you can take. If you need to attend to a child pull off the road, do not attempt anything while driving.
Excellent advice. I would add to dr belilovsky's excellent advice: 1. Do not smoke, especially in the closed confines of a car. 2nd hand smoke a killer for your child. 2. Don't text, dial, tweet, read or send emails. Eyes should be on the road, not on device, or you place yourself and your child at extreme risk. 3. Safest spot in the car is behind the driver.
Use seat every time. Five point harness systems offer the best overall protection & are available now from 5-85lb. An infant should remain rear facing as long as possible, at least 2yr, in europe 3yr has been standard for >10yrs. (neck&shoulder protection).Some convertable seats will rear face to four yrs. Some believe seat use is only important for trips, yet the vast majority of injuries occur <25mi from home.