If me and my bf have sex and he ejaculates in me multiple times a day for a week can I get pregnant?

Yes. What truly matters if a healthy sperm penetrates an egg. Do get info on getting pregnant.
Most definitely. If you are not using any birth control and do not have any history of any infertility or other gyn conditions, you will most surely get pregnant.
Additionally. It also depends on what phase of your cycle you are in.. You have a higher likelihood of getting pregnant if you are having intercouse for a week roughly 2 weeks after your period.
Yes Russian Roulette. Are you ready to have children? If so great, just take a multi-vitamin for folate (folic acid) for your baby's benefit. If not, you're playing "russian roulette" and will very likely become pregnant. Consider getting contraception for protection and be able to plan on a better time to start a family. Also remember the "morning after pill" for the occasional accident.