37 yr husband woke up w/stiff neck 2 weeks ago. Since then pain in the neck is better. Now it is shooting pain in right shoulder & shoulder?

Go see your doc. One of the things you have to rule out is if he is having symptoms consistent with cervical radiculopathy/radiculitis. This is an irritation of the nerves arising from the neck which may be due to a leaking disc or stenosis. Bring him to a physician so that he could be examined and diagnostic studies could be ordered such as x-ray or even an MRI of the cervical spine & emg-ncv of the upper ext.
The stiff neck may . Have been the initial symptom of a disc herniating and now that it did it is affecting the c5 nerve that supplies the region about the shoulder or he may have had a stiff neck that got better and now he has a shoulder problem or even both! even if due to a disc problem, 90% get better with time. If severe enough or progressing, he should see his physician.