I am a 26 female, irregular periods, trying to conceive. I am having weird cramping and had a severe cramp on my right side early am. Pregnant?

Could be. I hope so! you should check a home pregnancy test. If it is positive, and/or if the pain continues/worsens and/or if you start bleeding, you should consider seeing your doctor for more testing (blood pregnancy/hormonal testing, possibly ultrasound). Dont ignore significant pain for too long, because rarely it could signal something worrisome, like a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck!
Possible. It is possible to be pregnant and a pregnancy test can confirm that. You may also have an ovarian cyst, a fibroid, endometriosis, or pain related to your irregular periods. Or the pain may not even be gyn related. So probably a good idea to check a pregnancy test and then see a gyn next.