My breast feel soar and sensative. Already took a pregnancy test and im not pregnant. No lumps so I don't think its cancer. Whats wrong?

Most likely hormonal. Near your menstrual cycle the breast may become sensitive. Other reasons may be caffeine sensitivity or mastitis. Depending on your age you may need a exam and or mammogram.
Linked to periods. Often your breasts can become tender with cyclic hormonal changes in your body. You can take Motrin for symptomatic control. If it persists > 3-4 months, see a doctor for further evaluation.

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Been having sore breast since may no breast cancer or positive pregnancy test but can't stop peeing or eating still having cycle what's wrong?

Hormone. sore breast could be coming for hormonal changes if you are taking hormone replacement or birth control pills it could cause soreness in the breast wearing the wrong bra could cause soreness in the breast drinking caffeine and eating chocolate could cause you soreness in the breast watch your diet exercise wear a soft bra or no hard wire bra,avoid caffeine and check with your doctor it taking meds. Read more...
Evaluation. Your symptoms have been going on for quite some time. It would be best to see your doctor to get to the bottom of what is causing your breast soreness. Caffeine can often cause breast tenderness so try cutting that out before your doctor appointment. Read more...