How can I know if I had oral candidiasis? It's possible anal candidiasis?

Candidiasis. White plaques which do not easily rub off with a q-tip, may be oral candida. This is also painful. It is possible to have anal candidiasis. Oral candida occurs in immunocompramised individual or people on oral or inhaled steroids. Please note that a white patch in the mouth could be leukoplakia and may turn out to be oral cancer. Evaluation is advised.
White discharge. Usually candidiasis will cause whitish discharge, especially after recent antibiotic use. Supression of immune system also puts you at risk. Usually docs will start empiric Fluconazole treatment or Nystatin oral rinse.
White tongue. White, thick coating on your tongue, sometimes red lesions on the inside of your cheeks also. May colonize your throat and esophagus so get it treated. Anal candidiasis is possible, but you need examined. Depends on how your immune system is working.