I have a protrusion by my belly button. Could this be a hernia and what can be done?

Most likely. This most likely is an umbilical hernia. The best thing to do is make an appointment with a general surgeon or have your primary care physician refer you to one. Surgery is the only way to fix a hernia. In the meantime, try and avoid any heavy lifting.
Yes. repair. If this is "squishy" and / or protrudes less or disappears when you lay down it is probably an umbilical hernia. This is a hole in the abdominal muscles that lets intestines or intra-abdominal fat protrude through under the skin. Please get this checked by a general surgeon as it can be dangerous and is easy to repair via outpatient surgery (usually).
Yes. This is most likely an umbilical hernia. If it doesn't bother you, it may not need fixed. If it does bother you with pain, etc, then you may want to see a surgeon about getting it fixed. It requires outpatient surgery, but is usually a quick, simple operation.
Yes: surgical repair. A bulge at the belly button is almost always going to be due to a hernia. It is common for fat to get stuck within the hernia. If the hernia is small and not causing symptoms, it can be safely followed. Otherwise, elective repair can be safely performed as an out-patient procedure, with or without mesh, depending on the size of the defect.
Could be. It could be a hernia or a lipoma. You should have a full examination by a surgeon to determine the cause. If a hernia is present it should be repaired.
Umbilical hernia? A soft, reducible protrusion from the belly button is likely from an umbilical hernia. See your doctor, however, if it is hard, non-reducible, or painful.
Yes. It is likely an umbilical hernia or epigastric hernia. Both can be easily repaired especially if they cause pain or discomfort.
It may be a sliding. The belly button is a common place for hernias to occur because as we are formed as babies, the track leads from our insides to the external placenta. This does not alweays heal closed and this causes a sliding hernia. The danger is if it sticks or incarcerates. Surgery is then required .
Outie or hernia??? Yes, it could be! "outie" belly buttons are commonly signs of an umbilical hernia. The key issue is to determine if this is a reducible hernia or one that is capable of incarceration and/or strangulation. Diagnositic imaging such as ultrasound or ct may be useful but typically an examination is all that is required. Seek the care of a general surgeon for evaluation.
Probably is a hernia. Surgery is the only option. Can be open or laparoscopic repair but is also nicely eliminated with abdominoplasty("tummy tuck").