Can medicinal marijuana be used to treat chronic back pain?

Cannabis and pain. Some do find cannabis helpful for pain, especially the kind with high levels of something called cbd. Be careful though, as it may be illegal where you are. You might also try sam-e, available over the counter. Good luck.
Marijuana. Marijuana does not really have analgesic (pain killing) effect. The medicinal value is mainly for decreasing the anxiety and improving the appetite. The "medical" marijuana is legal in certain states but still illegal on the federal level, which prohibits the physician from allowing its use along with narcotics (as the physician must use the dea number in order to prescribe narcotics).
Many other options. Medicinal marijuana can be used to treat pain, however, there are many other options for treating back pain that do not come with the same stigma nor side effects. For example, there are a slew of pain reliever pills and topicals, turmeric is helpful, omt or chiropractic, massage, tens units, physical therapy, prolotherapy, even cold laser, and many others. Finding the cause is also essential.
Possibly. There are probably more benefits from the act of growing the mj than there are from using. Although some patients benefit from the psych effects, the act of smoking is probably far more detrimental physically in the long run. Typically the amount required for serious pain renders the individual less effective for other activities.
Why are we so stupid. 2009 UCSF chronic pain management conference, S.F. presenter opines. "in 2004 hydrocodone was the #1 prescribed pain medication in the US. Fast forward to 2009, hydrocodone is the #! rxed med. of all meds prescribed. We, the USA, are a nation addicted to opioids, and its big business. From birth, the human brain has opioid receptors, as well as THC receptors. Why not THC? No $$$ for drug companies.
Illegal. By federal law it is illegal. That said many patients tell me that it helps them.
Yes, it is an option. First you need to determine the cause, does the condition require surgery, or are you a patient with what i term "failed surgical syndrome?" many options are available for chronic pain management, from ibuprofen, to implantable pumps to dispense narcotics continously. Severity and response is the key. Certainly try any passive modalities available. Avoid opoid addiction. Try pot if legal.
Yes. It is so much better than narcotics for chronic pain. If we, as a country, we legalize it, regulate it and tax it, it would so very helpful.

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Will medical marijuana help for chronic back pain?

Short term. This is only a short-term solution. Perhaps a better approach is to use the techniques related to mindfulness. See work by jon kabat-zinn or joan borysenko. Read more...
Not much. It will create more problems by focusing on recreational use by those that may only need a decent shave and haircut. Chronic pain needs to be evaluated and appropriately treated. Must be taken seriously! making this form as an end solution just adds to the list of "disabled". Read more...

Recent research found 40% of people with chronic back pain had treatable infection which could be treated with co-amoxiclav. Could this be diagnosed?

Disciitis. Many patients who suffer ruptured discs turn out to have infections locally, and this may well explain why post-operative chronic low back pain persists, if not treated. May be a bit tough to pin down, but certain varieties of bone scans may help. Discuss with an infectious disease specialist and a neurosurgeon. This is a new discovery and not all the issues are worked out so far. Read more...