I had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago. I'm still having severe stomach and chest pain like the attacks. What could this be?

Other stuff? C ur MD. See your surgeon, and your regular doc. If you were taking pain meds, or nsaids like ibuprofen, etc. May have inflammation of stomach, or ulcer. Adhesions from surgery not likely to cause this. Gb done laparoscopically, or open surgery)? May have retained stones. May have something unrelated, including cardiac issues. Same pain as before surgery? Maybe gb not the cause. Need to see md asap.
Not sure. You may have to go back to your surgeon, for further investigation. It may be infection, or just muscle pain, needs attention.

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I had my gallbladder removed because of upper stomach pain I still got it along with nausea chest pain and trouble pooping regurgitating it's been 1yr?

Not the Gallbladder. Well, obviously your symptoms are not from the gallbladder. It sounds more like a functional GI disorder, along the lines of irritable bowel syndrome. Consider a consultation with a gastroenterologist. Hope this helps! Read more...

Cleared by Cardio doc. Currently on Prilosec 20mg 2x daily. Had endoscop/barium test gallbladder removed still have rt chest pain/heartburn what now?

Likely not ur heart. heartburn still. Other drugs may work better, or combinations of meds, or timing of your meds.See ur GI doc. Right sided chest pain. Probably nothing serious but check with ur primary care doc. Read more...