My 7mo bub is frequently vomiting up to 4 hours after her milk feeds. I've switched to goat formula & then to soy but no luck. It doesn't hurt her.?

See below. If she's a "happy spitter" -- i.e., she is growing well, eats well, and has no other symptoms -- other than keeping her upright after feedings, giving her solids each time she has liquids, and making sure she's burping well, there's nothing else needed. 75-90% of infants with reflux outgrow it by 9-12 months old, and most of the rest by 2 years old. If she's not doing well, see her doctor.
See your doctor. Spitting up can be normal or can be acid reflux. Your doctor can help you to tell the two appart. See http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ehwmtcspugg to learn more.
Reflux. If the vomiting is non-projectile and the baby is gaining weight, it appears like reflux. I would continue with regular formula. If it is reflux, it is usually a self resolving condition.