Percentage of lumg cancer survivors?

Depends on stage,etc. Survival and disese free interval are based on many important factors, including stage of cancer, grade of tumor, type of treatment, and potentially the molecular profile of the tumor.
Individual. Survival rates are population based and cancer type specific. Specific survival is individual, either 100% or 0%. Important if small or non-small cell. Key to cancer survival is individual wellness and comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. If indicated, surgical resection should be performed by a thoracic surgeon. I hope these assist you: http://goo.Gl/2cdq9 and http://goo.Gl/jx197.
Depends on Stage. Stage 1 non-small cell carcinoma-approx 70% 5 year survival. Stage2 nsclc- approx. 30-35% 5 year survival. Stage 3 nsclc- approx. 5% 5yrs survival stage4 nsclc- 0- 3% 5yr survival ultimate survival for individual unique to that individual. Survival determined after 5 years of initial treatment. Stage 1-2 main tx is surgical resection.