Obese. Supposed to take metformin for pcos & Synthroid (thyroxine) for hypothyroid. Had severe diarrhea, so stopped taking. Now can't lose any significant weight?

See your doctor. Metformin can cause diarrhea, and some people cannot take it, but most can if they work their way up slowly. Begin at just 500 mg/day, and then after a few days increase to 500 2x/day. The body usually gets used to it. All this requires careful management, and i recommend discussing this with your doctor. Are you on the right dose of synthroid (thyroxine)?

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I have hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome and am pre-diabetic., with gallstones. Will metformin and Synthroid (thyroxine) help?

See below. Synthroid (thyroxine) can help hypothyroidism, dosing should be started by your dr.Metformin can help with blood sugar control, though there is no specific recommendations when it cones to pre-diabetes. Exercise and proper diet should be part of the treatment as well. Be well. Read more...

TSH 3 & PCOS. Took metformin for 2 yrs then stopped. Now on Synthroid (thyroxine) 50mcg & Prozac 20mg. Still tired, fatigue. Any supplementation?

With normal TSH fatigue is nonspecific. Although the TSH level is in the upper mid range of normal, your dose could be slightly adjusted upward to for example 75 µg daily. Your fatigue could be secondary to underlying depression for which you are taking medication for. Metformin is commonly used in PCOS for normalizing periods and ovulation. Have your vitamin D levels checked. Read more...