I am having an eye issue where my eyes have turned red and gives itching and burning sensation. They also reamin watery all the time. What shall I do?

Allergies likely. Your symptoms sound like allergic based (allergic conjunctivitis ) and a trial of over the counter medications may be the first step. You can buy zaditor (ketotifen) and its many aliases like alaway, Claritin & zrytec eye drops for several days to see if your eyes feel and look better. If no improvement see an eye md.

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I see rashes near the eye and also burning sensation at the upper cheek which gives me discomfort. It itches me a lot what is happening to me?

Should be seen! From your brief description i would be concerned about zoster. This could also be some form of dermatitis, maybe a contact dermatitis. However, based on what you have said i really think you should be seen very soon to have this evaluated. Read more...