Need suggestions sporadic cloudy urine r/s kidney pain blood protein 8.1, urine protein 10mg, ESR 29mm all other blood and urine tests normal. Fu 1wk?

Rule out Stones. Normal urine test makes stone less likely. But would ultrasound your kidneys to rule out right side kidney stone. Cloudy urine is probably occurs on the days when you take dairy (milk, ice cream, shake, cheese) and vegetable-rich diet. The significance is that you may form phosphate stone this way. Cut dairy some to avoid kidney stone disease.

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4mo intrmttnt cloudy urine with "floaters". Tests done:ua's occassional trce blood&protein. Cbc/diff, cmp, kidney func. Normal. Us, kub, CT w/wo cont. All negative. Llq pain on palp. Ll back pain. Any ideas?

Specialist. You have a lot of data, but no answer. A possibility could be kidney stones. It must be very frustrating for you. Please seek out the care of a urologist or kidney specialist to guide you. This could be many different things. Seek help today and feel better.
Phosphaturia. Intermittent cloudy urine without and increase amount of white blood cells, or other symptoms, in the setting of an otherwise negative work-up, could simply be related to increased phosphate levels in the urine (phosphaturia).