Have pressure in head /comes and goes with fluctuating headache. Doc ran blood tests/pending. I'm scared of brain tumor/clot. No other sx. Thoughts?

Need MRI. I would advise getting an MRI of your brain. And tell those results come back you will not know what you have exactly. If your symptoms persist you should see your primary healthcare provider about additional testing and follow up.
Ct and possibly MRI. Initial work up to eval your symptoms for someone your age would like be a trial of medication as well as a physical exam. If indicated your primary doc may want imaging and although an MRI would b the gold standard a ct with contrast may be the first line test since it can show a lot to rule out a number of possible causes before the more expensive mri. This is age of insurance run medicine.

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Can blood tests detect brain tumors? I had one a week ago and now I'm feeling pressure on head or headache. No other problems tho I'm 17 years old

Mixed antecedents. A week ago you had either a brain tumor or a blood test. I'll go with blood test. Now a week later you're feeling "pressure on head." Do you mean "detect" or "cause"? Either way, the answer is no. Even if a blood test somehow COULD cause a brain tumor, it would have to be an amazingly fast-growing tumor to cause symptoms after only a week. Also, you say you're 17 but your profile says 19. (?) Read more...