Both feet are tingly. Non diabetic. Sometimes have cramps in both calves and right hamstring. Has been about 3 weeks now?

Neuropathy. You could have peripheral neuropathy or dysfunction in the nerves carrying sensation. Reasons include diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption, back pain related to nerve root irritation, exposure to chemotherapy or idiopathic, meaning we do not know the cause. Sometimes the tingling will be transient and go away. Other times it will persist and needs to be evaluated by a podiatric physician or neur.
Time to see a dr. There are any causes of both neuropathy and cramping. Diabetes is not the only diagnosis. Find a doctor who will likely help find the etiology (although, sometimes it is unknown). I.E you may have a pinched nerve in your back, coupled with a magnesium deficiency.....Not enough room here to give you all possibilities. But see someone before it gets worse.