Skin cancer does skin cancer only come from moles?

No: many sources. Although moles may develop into skin cancer, it can take on many other forms such as an ulcer, nodule, cyst, plaque, cutaneous horn, papule and other presentations.
Also besides moles. Skin cancer from moles is called melanoma , late diagnosis is lethal also from non moles 1) basal cell carcinoma locally invasive do not spread out side 2) squamus cell carcinoma spreads to lymph nodes, late diagnosis is lethal.
Nope. There are several different kinds. Some may develop from existing moles while other will not. Remember to limit your exposure to uv radiation and see your friendly dermatologist for complete skin examinations.

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Could cancer moles only mean skin cancer?

Not sure. I'm really not sure how to answer your question. If you have been diagnosed by a pathologist with "cancer moles" that could mean that you have skin cancer, but most doctors do not use a term like "cancer mole". Doctors usually use more specific terms like "squamous cell carcinoma", "basal cell carcinoma", "melanoma", etc. If you could tell me exactly what the pathologist said, i could explain. Read more...

Link between skin cancer and moles/freckles?

Yes. Melanoma is a skin cancer starting from pigment producing cells called melanocytes. Moles which change color, have irregular borders, grow or bleed would be concerning features that mole has evolved into a melanoma. Best to see a dermatologist. Read more...
Link but uncommon. There are some rare genetic disorders where people have lots of moles or freckles and are more likely to develop skin cancer. However for most people the moles and freckles themselves do not increase their risk of getting a skin cancer, as other factors like sun exposure and sun sensitivity are more important. Read more...