I have a urine and feces breath odor. It's really bad when I eat chocolate & coffee my dentist says no problem with teeth, no problem with sinuses.

Medical condition? Have you had a recent physical examination? If your dentist performed a thorough evaluation and found nothing wrong, then possibly you have an ongoing medical condition that needs to be addressed. See your internist or family practice physician for an evaluation.
Tonsils? If you still have your tonsils, there is a possibility that you have pits in your tonsils that collect food. The bad part about this is that the food may stay there and putrify, causing bad breath. You may be able to wash out these food particles - which look like white lumps - or the worst case scenario is that you may have to have your tonsils removed. Other medical conditions are possible.
See an MD. Medical problems like diabetes and others can result in breath problems. See an md for evaluation.