I have a brain aneurysm 8ml, I'm terrified. I am afraid of surgery and afraid it may also burst anytime. I don't have bloodpressure, don't smoke?

Aneurysm. Certainly, an aneurysm can be terrifying. An 8mm aneurysm is large and should be treated at your age. It may be able to be treated endoscopically by placing little coils into it through a catheter threaded up through your groin. The other alternative is surgery which is what i do. It depends on the position of the aneurysm.. Discuss this with an endovascular neurosurgeon.
Options. If your aneurysm is 8 mm, that is fairly large. One treatment option is surgery ("clipping"). Another option may involve putting a catheter into one of the arteries in the groin and filling the aneurysm with coils ("coiling"). You should discuss your options with a neurosurgeon and possibly an interventional radiologist.
Don't blame you. Your anxiety and fear is not unusual , understandable, you already know if untreated what will happen.If you measure risks against benefits, you will under go surgery , remarkable progress has been made, speak to your surgeon , if needed take second opinion. And decide. Good luck.