Which diet is good for sex life?

Low saturated fat. Erectile dysfunction (ed) is often due to hardening of the arteries. So the best diet is one that will keep your arteries from getting clogged with cholesterol. If you eat meat, make sure it's lean. Fish is generally better than red meat. Eat whole grains and fresh vegetables as well. Use oils rather than solid fats. Exercise will help arteries too and may improve sex life.
Not quite... I have many patients with a\ propensity to metabolic syndrome who have a relatively high intake of saturated fat, who have appreciably lowered their total cholesterol and improved their chol/hdl ratio, lost weight, etc. However, it is irrefutable that a diet low in fat will lower cholesterol in most. Exercise is paramount. Excess etoh is bad. Eating 3-0megas with a diet rich in fish helps.

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