Can I bring baby formula on the plane?

And rememeber to feed your baby on the way up and on the way down on any flight.
Yes. According to the tsa, you can bring breast milk or formula in greater than 3 ounces, what ever is reasonable for your flight. You still have to follow the general liquids and gels policy and declare the items.
Yes. The tsa website says baby formula and breastmilk are allowed in "reasonable amounts", and are not limited by the 100ml (3.4 ounce) container rule.
Yes. After the terrorist activities of 911 there were some reports of security refusing to allow formula and even pumped breast milk on to the airplanes but that has since resolved and it is fine to bring.
Yes. Powdered baby formula is totally safe on a plane - especially if your powdered baby formula is in a sealed container that you open once you're past security. Liquid formula in a bottle greater than 3oz will not make it past security, however, so i wouldn't recommend it.
Yes. Recently the tsa has modified regulations: http://1.Usa.Gov/12cn7m you may bring breast milk, formula and juice for your infant or toddler. Remember to declare the items to a security officer and allow xray screening of the items. In addition to liquids, you may bring gel filled tethers and processed baby food. This modification has made traveling with babies much easier.
Yes. A reasonable amount of baby formula or bottled breast milk is allowed on-board commercial airflights. Hopefully you would appropriately transport this in a manner that would allow it to remain safe to drink.