What to do for dry skin?

Dry skin. Avoid deodorant soap. Reduce duration of shower. Use less hot water. Put a lotion such as cerave or eucerin on skin daily especially after bathing.
Protect. Avoid things that dry you out, soaps & wetness. Wash your hands only when necessary. Wear gloves when needed. Wear clothes made of cotton. Bathe only with a small amount of mild unscented soap, such as dove. Keep the water temperature cool or warm, not hot. Use the medicine your doctor gave you. Use a plain moisturizer daily. Avoid scratching or rubbing the itchy area. Manage stress.
Cerave. From the outside cerave, neutrogena norwegian formula, lac 5 are all good for dry skin. In addition internally essential fatty acids such as flax, borage, or krill oil can be helpful. If it localized on the hands there may be contact allergy component which patch testing can discover.

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What to do about dry skin and rashes and stuff, come on people gimme input?

Get them seen. We'd love to help, but nobody here can see yoru rash. Very severe dry skin is often congenital ichthyosis which is often best treated with lanolin. A rash needs to be seen by a practitioner. If you get a rash shortly after beginning a new medication, stop the medication and see your physician.

What to do about dry skin between exit holes of inverse navel piercing?

If healing. Don't use alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide to clean piercings as they may cause the surrounding skin to dry out excessively.

What to do to cure dry skin?

Moisturizing lotions. I like water-based moisturizing lotions. My favorites are dml lotion and dml forte cream. These are water based, and don't have any fragrences or colorings that could cause skin irritations. Http://www. Personandcovey. Com/productdetail. Asp? Productid=19.
Dry skin. Avoid lengthy showers w hot water (warm is better). Oil-based moisturizers hydrate skin. Moisturize skin often. Hydrate well – especially w water. Eat a nutritious diet. Use gentle soaps or cleansers that are unscented & hypoallergenic. Avoid deodorant soaps or other harsh soaps. Remember that you don’t have to wash entire body w soap every day. Use soap on areas that are dirty or where body.

I don't know what to do about my dry skin while I'm at work. Any advice?

Dry skin at work. Solvents like water (especially hot) & soap make dry skin worse. While moisturizers help combat this, minimizing skin exposure to solvents & applying moisturizers immediately after any solvent exposure (e.g. Hand-washing) are key -- particularly after showering (at home). At work, apply cream as needed -- particularly, after hand-washing. Consider a room humidifier if needed & if available.
Moisturize. Use a moisturizer first. If this does not work, you need to see a dermatologist for evaluation and treatment.

What should I do about dry skin on my legs?

Buy a good.... ..Emollient lotion (keri, lubriderm, aveeno, (oatmeal) neutrogena, whatever), and apply after you bathe, while your skin is still moist.
Dry skin. Cetaphil® restoraderm® skin restoring moisturizer is suited for anyone three months of age and older with dry, itchy skin symptoms commonly associated with eczema or atopic-dermatitis. Best used after cleansing with restoraderm® skin restoring body wash, this effective moisturizer with patented filaggrin technology™ and ceramide technology is formulated to hydrate and soothe very dry, atopic skin.

What does oatmeal cleanser do for dry skin?

Cleans it. Cleansers clean the skin; the ones with oatmeal may be a bit less drying than ordinary soap, but not much. There are also oatmeal powders (to put in bathwater) and oatmeal moisturizing lotions, so if your goal is to moisturize dry skin, they would be a better choice.

What can I do for my dry skin?

See below. Non scented soaps followed by generous application of moisturizing creams/lotions.
Dry skin. Apply moisturizing cream everyday especially after showers. Cetaphil is a good brand.
Multiple steps. Long term care of chronically dry skin consists of several things. First, avoid frequent bathing as this can strip natural oils out of your skin. Use moisturizing body washes/soaps - look for them to say 'moisturizing' on the the label (like dove or tone). Never rub your skin - pat yourself dry. Finally, liberal use of moisturizers, several times daily all over the body, but stick with unscented!