Can I bring an infant seat on an airplane?

Yes. You can bring your child's car seat on the airplane, but you will need to purchase a ticket for your child. Some car seats are suitable for airplane use, some are not. Check with the manufacturer for details. If you choose not to purchase a seat for your infant, remember to bring the car seat as luggage. You will want to have your car seat handy at your destination!
Yes. Most car seats are approved by the faa, check with your manufacturer. Infants in car seats need to have a window seat so as not to trap other passangers in the event of an emergency.
Yes. Infant seats should be used when possible on an airplane. Check out http://www.Jetwithkids.Com for a lot of travel information.
Yes. If you do not purchase an airplane seat for the baby, however, there is no guarantee that there will be an extra seat. Under two years the airlines do not require baby to have her/his own seat, however, in the case of turbulence or an accident remember that you may not be able to keep baby safe. There are also restraint systems for children 22-44# that attach to your airplane seat belt.
Yes. I bought seats for my son from age 1 after seeing data. Usually i used a carseat. However, i once bought a combination seat and stroller (from an airline catalog). I was surprised to find out while boarding that is was a wee bit too wide for one of the smaller commuter planes. Luckily i was able to return it. So the lesson i learned was to try out anything new before using it on a flight.
Yes. It is the safest thing to do. The faa recommends that children be securely fastened in child safety seats until the age of 4, however, airlines are not required to allow the use of certified seats, and some car seats may not even fit. Check with your airline in advance on their particular policy, you may have to purchase an extra seat for the baby. Websites like "seatguru" might be helpful.
Yes. An approved car seat is the safest way for the baby to fly. It is allowed, altho often an extra seat needs to be purchased.
Yes. Yes - you may bring an approved infant seat on an airplane. You may have to buy a seat for your infant in order to use the infant seat.
Yes. The safest way for an infant to travel is strapped into a car seat, but you have to pay for a separate seat for the baby. Many babies will sleep due to the noise and vibration of the flight. Ask the airline for their individual policy.
Yes. You can bring them thru the airport but many carriers make you check them before boarding the plane.
Yes. A baby in a carseat while flying in an airplane is both safe and convenient.
Yes. You can and should. I am amazed that airlines allow infants to simply be held on a parent's lap in a plane traveling 400 mph. If you experience turbulence, you could lose hold of your baby. I understand that it is costly to purchase an additional airline seat, but we are talking about the safety of your child.