My 15 year old hasbeen having cold symptoms for 5 days. Today he is coughing up blood and aching in his back and neck?

See your physician. I'm not sure what your question is but coughing up of blood is not a normal process for a child. If your child is coughing up blood, you need to be evaluated by a physician expert in the care of children.
Bronchitis. This usually is due to bronchitis. If there is no significant fever, it is usually due to a viral etiology. However, there are other reasons for coughing blood and some are very serious so this symptom always requires an evaluation by a doctor as soon as possible. If he smokes, he needs to quit. Good luck!
See your doc. If you are coughing up blood, this is not normal. Be seen by your doctor asap.

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My 15 year old has been having cold symptoms for 5 days....Today he started coughing up blood. Why? And is this an emergency?

Yes. Emergency. Coughing up blood is not a symptom of a "cold". It can be many things, but he needs to be checked asap. Read more...
Not a good sign. He could simply be coughing out blood from a mouth or throat sore or a nosebleed. But he could also have pneumonia. It is unlikely to be a life and death emergency, but he should see a doctor soon, preferably today! Read more...